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Well We're Back, Let's Bring You Up to Date

After a seven season absence, Dallas Dragons Update will resume. Let's bring you up to date until the conclusion of season 23. Season 24's summary will be a different article.

Season 18 - 3rd Place, 30-3-5, 93 points, 160 goals scored, 30 allowed, +130 goal differential.

Finished 8 points behind first time league champions Chelsea FC USA, and six behind runners up Lexington Lions.

It was an impressive year for Randal Nesbitt scored a career high 32 goals in 34 games to put him at 2nd place on the scoring charts, while Luca Florence had his first 20+ goal season with 22 goals in 24 games for 10th place, and Oddo Adani and Primo Fiorillo finished in a dead heat for 12th place each with 20 goals in 27 games. Center-midfielder Regan Spellacy also hit the charts at 18th place with 18 goals in 31 games. In terms of transfers, Italian left-midfielder Eugenio Rossini joined from Irish Football Club for a fee of $824,000. The (at the time) 25 year-old scored 6 goals in 32 games in his first season with Dallas. 19 year-old Italian rookie goalkeeper Gennaro Marco also signed his first professional contract with Dallas, a five-year deal worth a total of $415,000.

Season 19 - 1st Place, 33-2-3, 101 points, 208 goals scored, 32 allowed, +176 goal differential.

Beat second place arch-rivals Minnesota Torpedoes FC by eight points, most goals scored in league history, best goal differential in league history. 6th league title in Dragons history.

Another great year for the forwards as Oddo Adani scored 35 goals in only 27 games and lead the league for a Dragons record 3rd time. The Dragons had their first season in which all three of their starting forwards scored 30+ goals, as both Nesbitt and Fiorillo scored 31 goals, in 30 and 31 games respectively, to finish 3rd and fourth behind Mcgrath McSorley of Chelsea who also scored 31 goals, but in only 28 games. It was Adani's third 30+ goal season, Nesbitt's fourth, and Fiorillo's first. Luca Florence had his second 20 goals season with 20 in 21 games, finishing 15th on the scoring charts. For the midfielders, new signing Mardon Nolly (since retired at age 33, at the time the American was 28 and in his first year with the Dragons on a four year, $1.5 million per year deal) scored 24 goals in 30 games for 10th place. Regan Spellacy also continued to be on the scoring charts at 20th place with 19 goals in 30 games. Aside from acquiring Nolly in free agency, the Dragons also picked up 27 year-old Argentinian defender Kun Arrieta for his first professional contract at $1.1 million per year for three years. Arrieta played 35 games in his rookie season and scored 7 goals.

Season 20 - 1st Place, 37-0-1, 111 points, 181 goals scored, 31 allowed, +150 goal differential.

Beat second place Greensboro Football Club by 14 points. Achieved highest point total in league history. 7th league title in Dragons history, second consecutive title, second time the Dragons have won back-to-back titles (last time being seasons three and four). Fourth time a team has won back-to-back titles in league history (MS United in seasons one and two, Dragons in three and four, and the Lexington Lions in seasons thirteen and fourteen).

Dallas won their second consecutive title handily, barely missing out on the first undefeated season in league history, with their one loss coming at home against Minnesota. The forwards shone once again as Primio Fiorillo finished dead even for 2nd on the scoring charts with Chelsea's Florinio Guillen with 30 goals in 32 games. Adani finished in 6th place with 26 goals in as many games, while Randal Nesbitt and midfielder Regan Spellacy finished right behind him with 25 goals apiece. Spellacy claimed 7th by doing so in only 28 games compared to Nesbitt's 8th place effort of 32 games. Luca Florence stayed on the charts and just missed out on a third 20+ goal season with 19 scored in 20 games for 18th place. Midfielder Mardon Nolly just barely stayed on the charts at 23rd, with 18 goals in 30 games. For transfers this season, superstar Irish defender Davin McClire joined via free agency from the Irish Football Club, signing a five-year, $5,000,000 deal with the Dragons. In his first season in Dallas he played in 31 games and scored 13 goals, equaling Buffon Criscito's Dragons' defenders' goalscoring record set way back in season 4.

Season 21 - 1st Place, 36-2-0, 110 points, 209 goals scored, 25 allowed, +184 goal differential

Beat second place Covington Old Boys by 19 points. 8th league title in club history. First time in league history that a team has gone undefeated. Most goals scored in league history, best goal differential in league history. First time in league history a team has won three straight titles.

The Dragons brought home an unprecedented third straight American league title, while setting the league mark for scoring one goal higher then the previous high they set two years ago. Oddo Adani had his fourth 30+ goal season, with 32 goals in only 28 games, finishing third on the scoring charts. In eight was Primo Fiorillo who netted 26 goals in 31 games, while the Dragons 27 year-old new signing Gary Lundragon, (Irish midfielder, one year at $2.67 million) finished dead even with Jason Callinan of Greensboro FC for 10th place on the scoring charts with 23 goals in 31 games each. Lundragon joined Dallas via free agency after nine years with Guinness United in Ireland, scoring 149 goals in 333 league appearances. Randal Nesbitt scored 22 goals in 28 games for 13th place, and Luca Florence once again just missed out on a 20 goal season with 19 scores in 22 games for 20th place. Regan Spellacy missed out on the scoring charts that year, scoring only 15 goals.

Season 22 - 1st Place, 34-2-2, 104 points, 173 goals scored, 33 allowed, +140 goal differential

Covington Old Boys were once again the runners up to the Dragons, this time by 9 points. 9th league title in club history. First time in league history a team has won four straight league titles. Only the second team to win four consecutive league titles in the world, the other being ASU Venom of the Italian League, who won 14 straight Italian League titles from season 2 to season 15.

An unprecedented 4th straight league title for the Dragons saw a slightly less dominate performance by the team as the Dragons won the league by only 9 points, as opposed to the 19 and 14 points of the two titles immediately prior to this now. Adani had his fifth 30+ goal season, and his second consecutive one (equaling a Dragons' team record) finishing with 30 goals in 28 games for 5th place on the scoring charts, while Primo Fiorillo finished in 8th place with 28 goals in 32 games. Midfielder Mardon Nolly returned to 20 goal form and finished in 12th place with 21 goals, also in 32 games. Randal Nesbitt finished in 18th place by scoring 19 goals in 30 games. Regan Spellacy's 18 goals in 30 games returned him to the scoring charts in 21st place.

Season 23 - 3rd place, 31-2-5, 95 points, 175 goals scored, 38 allowed, +137 goal differential

Finished five points behind first time league champions Greensboro FC, and three points behind runners up and archival Minnesota Torpedoes FC.

The Dragons streak of consecutive titles came to an end as the average age of the players on the squad nearly reached 31. With four players under 25 this sounds better then it is/was. This season only three Dragons graced the scoring charts. Primo Fiorillo had his third 30+ goal season as he scored 31 goals in as many games to finish fifth, while Oddo Adani and Regan Spellacy each scored 27 goals. Adani did so in 28 games to claim 10th place over Spellacy who reached his total in 31 games. The conclusion of this season saw two major Dragons players retire.


Mardon Nolly - American - 33 years old at time of retirement- #9 - Midfielder - Cellbridge Villa FC, Lexington Lions, Dallas Dragons

Nolly started his professional career at age 18 with Celbridge Villa FC in season 9. He stayed with them for eight seasons, amassing 114 goals in 262 games, although Celbridge only finished higher then 6th place once when he was with them, that being in his final year with the club (season 16) when they finished in third place. He then signed with the Lexington Lions, on a two year, $2 million deal. The Lions won the championship in his first year playing professionally in his homeland, and he scored 18 goals in 30 games. The next year he had similar statistics, as he scored 17 goals in 37 games, though the Lions fell to 2nd place. Following the conclusion of his deal he signed with the Dragons, just in time for the first of four consecutive championships. He would stay with the Dragons for five years, and $7.5 million. In his time with the Dragons he scored 84 goals in 150 games. His career totals therefore are 232 goals in 479 games. He perhaps retired early, but perhaps he thought their was nothing left to accomplish after five American League Championships, career earnings approaching $17.5 million, and over 200 goals scored.

Tubrady Reidy - Irish - 38 years old at time of retirement - #7 - Goalkeeper - Dallas Dragons

Reidy is of a dying breed of men, the one club men. Reidy first signed with the Dragons at age 22, fresh off of graduating from the University of Dublin. He played sixteen seasons for the club, far and away becoming the Dragons all-time career saves leader with 1,589. He also set the Dragons' single season saves record with 117 saves in 31 games in season 18. Reidy played a total of 484 games for the Dragons, second most after Randal Nesbitt (also a career Dragon, and about to begin his 22nd season as a Dragon, having so far amassed 646 games played for the Dragons.) Reidy, Oddo Adani, and Beckan Carmichael are also the second most decorated players in Dragons history, each having won seven American League titles with Dallas (seasons 9, 12, 16, 19, 20, 21, & 22) behind only Randal Nesbitt who has the same as them, plus the season 4 Championship Ring as well. Reidy is the all-time greatest goalkeeper in Dragons history, the American League, and perhaps the world as well. Reidy was inducted into the Dallas Dragons Hall of Fame only a few days after his announcement of his retirement.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rapid Fire Season 17

The following is a rapid fire season 17 summary.

In season 17 Anders Koskinen's men went 28-2-8, scoring 122 goals (3.2 per game) while allowing 38 (1 a game) for a +84 goal differential (averaging a 2.2 goal win). Forward Primo Fiorillo lead the team in scoring with 22, while forward Oddo Adani had 21 to extend his consecutive 20 goal season record to a full decade, and center-midfielder Regan Spellacy scored 20. This trio finished 7th, 8th and 10th on the American scoring chart, while the Dragons leading career scorer Randal Nesbitt added 18 to his total, placing him at 14th on the scoring charts.

Spellacy earned his second consecutive team MVP Award, while backup midfielder Thaddeus Compean won the Most Improved Award and defender Javeon Quirola won the 12th man award. 21 year-old Argentinian midfielder Stefano Piazzola won rookie of the year honors scoring 2 goals in 16 games.

Midfielder Grellan McAuliffe was sold to the Dragons arch rivals, Minnesota Torpedoes FC. McAuliffe fetched Dallas a $450,000 transfer fee (45% of what the Dragons payed the Irish Football club for him) and received a $100,000 per annum raise on his existing deal which had two years at $1 million a year left on it. Having been sold on the mid season transfer window McAuliffe scored 2 goals in 7 games with Minnesota, finishing with 6 in 29 on the year.

Midfielder/Forward Charles Dunkin left Dallas via free agency having scored 153 goals for the club in 278 games over nine years, and 162 in 298 on his career. The 32 year-old Dunkin turned down a reduction in pay on a one year deal with Dallas to sign a five-year, $2.4 million deal with the Argentina Spartans in (obviously) Argentina. This is the longest and most expensive contract Dunkin has ever signed, both in terms of total value and yearly income. Dunkin's highest per annum fee was $281,875 (what it was for his last four years in Dallas) and his biggest deal was a four-year, $1,127,500 deal on the strength of his second consecutive 20 goal season.

The Dragons made three additions to the midfield following the departures of Dunkin and McAuliffe. 22 year-old Argentinian midfielder Maiten Bautista signed a three-year, $2.2 million deal with the Dragons. This is Bautista's first professional contract and makes him one of the highest paid players on the Dragons. 25 year-old Italian Eugenio Rossini joined from Irish FC for a transfer fee of $824,000, and signed a four-year $1,765,000 deal with the Dragons. Over his seven-year career Rossini has scored 39 goals in 207 games. 10 year-vetran journeyman midfielder Feldon Pennebrygg signed a one year deal with Dallas at the cost of $135,000 to the club. Pennebrygg's totals are 36 goals in 250 games.

The Dragons only other signing but backup goalkeeper Jaelin Campbell's job in serious doubt. 19 year-old Gennaro Marco signed his first professional contract with Dallas this season, a five-year deal totaling $415,000. With the Campbell being 27, and his contract being over 200 grand a season, it would seem that the Dragons are bringing in a new keeper to learn under the Dragons all-time saves leader in Tubrady Reidy.

Forward Kenneth Ray retired from the game following the season 17 campaign. The 15 year veteran scored 204 goals and earned 11 championship rings, 10 with the Italian club ASU Venom, and the American Season 16 ring with the Dragons. He scored 204 goals in his 329 career matches, and he never once picked up a card, yellow or red.

Following the expiration of his first contract as manager, Gael Bounds was signed to a new four year deal at $1 million a year only a month before the season began. Dragons radio announcer James Rivera was also retained thanks to an outcry from the fans demanding that he be kept on. He received a ten year deal worth a total of $8,000,000.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grellan McAuliffe Might Leave Dallas

The Dallas Dragons announced today that they would be entertaining transfer bids for midfielder Grellan McAuliffe. The 31 year-old McAuliffe has played ten seasons, four and a half with Irish FC and five and a half with the Dragons. His career totals include 80 goals scored in 318 games, and only one booking in his career. The Dragons are said to have wanted to free their financials, and disposing of McAuliffe's $1 million a year contract would certainly do that. McAuliffe has two years left on his contract and the Dragons are looking for a bid of at least $400,000, though they are willing to negotiate.

Here's what team owner/GM Anders Koskinen about the matter.

"Grellan's contract is expensive and we want more room to maneuver. He's a good player, but he's 31 and we don't think he's earning his $1,000,000 a year right now. We'll be sorry to see him go, but this is a business as much as it is anything."

We also got McAuliffe's rebuttal to that statement.

"I don't feel that's a fair assessment. He's comparing me to the rest of the midfield core, and as we know Charles is a natural forward, and Regan, well he's Regan. I deserve that cool million a year because I am good in my own way, that's where I make that money. Not in the goal scoring department, as for my being 31, they kept Trumble Rummell till he was older then I was, and he'd still be playing if he'd not been injured. They're just trying to keep their financials lower, not in check. I feel I'm being forced out here, and I don't appreciate it in the slightest."

The fans are split as to this decision.

"I think that if Koskinen says the finances are stressed, then they're stressed, he hasn't given us any reason to doubt him."

"McAuliffe is a great player and we'd be silly to lose someone of his caliber."

"McAuliffe is an overpaid player who'll start going downhill now, and we'll still be paying $1 million a year for him, might as well get something now while we can."

"McAuliffe deserves respect and this is not the kind of thing we should be doing to him, if we're going to sell him though, it should be to a European team with a legitimate shot at a championship. That way we don't have to play against him, and he continue to have a successful career."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dallas Dragons Are Season 16 Chammpions!!

The Dallas Dragons finished their 16th season in the league as champions for the fifth time in their history.

The club finished with a record of 33-4-1, with a 16-3-0 away mark, the first time the club as gone undefeated, either away or home. The club finished eight points above the two time champion Lexington Lions, and tied with the club for fewest goals allowed with 31, while finishing one above them in terms of goals scored to lead the league and set a new club record with 165 total balls put in the back of the net on opposing teams. This shattered the old mark for the club by 22, and it also led to the destruction of the goal differential mark. The Dragons had a +134 goal differential, +16 better then their season nine mark.

29 year-old Irish center midfielder Regan Spellacy led the team in scoring with 30 goals, all from his center mid position. This was good enough for third place on the American scoring charts. It was also the fifth best goal scoring season in Dragon's history, and good enough to set a world record for goals scored by a pure midfielder (playing only midfield over the whole season). Spellacy's personal best and record breaking season, coupled by his ability as a playmaker that saw him help three other players reach the 20 goal mark this season made him one of only two nominees for the Golden Boot Award, the other being Del Piero Esposito of this season's Irish league champions in Guinness United.

"I feel I can easily say I've had the best season of my career," said Spellacy, "I was the third leading scorer in the league, helped set some club records, set some others all by my lonesome, not to mention I set a world record, won my first championship, and got a nomination for the Golden Boot. Doesn't really get much better then that does it?"

Spellacy also aided Charles Dunkin's transition from forward to midfielder.
The 30 year-old Dunkin played midfield primarily on the left side of the pitch this season, following eight seasons as a forward with a little time as a defender. The versatile Irishman adapted well to the position, scoring 11 goals in 33 games from the midfield. He was rewarded with a one year extension on his contract, and a promise that a larger deal was in the works.

"I'm very grateful to Regan for helping me out, and I'm grateful to the Dragons for keeping me around, don't know as I'd get a contract anywhere comparable to Dallas." said Dunkin, "Was I upset when I learned of the switch? Of course I was, I saw Primo Fiorillo as a right little upstart, but I soon got used to the idea. After all, I was being asked to fill some very big shoes belonging to Trumble."

Trumble Rummell is the Dragons current midfielders coach, and one of their former midfielders. Rummell spent ten years with the Dragons as a player, and won two rings with the club before sustaining a career ending injury. Now as a coach he's added another ring.

"It's great to have been given this chance after my career ended." said Rummell, "And to have capitalized on it in my first season as a coach is brilliant. Especially, if I do say so myself, I played a rather large part in helping Charles get adapted to the midfield."

While Spellacy finished in third on the scoring charts, Primo Fiorillo finished in a tie for fifth with Travion Pope of FC Arizona Green Snakes at 24 goals, a personal best of Fiorillo.
Teammates Primo Fiorillo and Richard Palencia were transferred from Alpharetta FC at the beginning of the season for a total of only $525,000 and the deal paid dividends immediately. Palencia also had a career year with 32 games played and 5 goals scored, both career highs.

"To have a career year and a championship in my first year here, it's something special." said Fiorillo, "I'm glad I proved to everyone that what I said about eclipsing the rest of the forward core wasn't just me running my mouth. I scored 24 goals, and only Regan had more then I did on the Dragons, and he's a midfielder."

"I'm just glad I was able to prove myself to the Dragons' faithful," said Palencia, "This city is soccer crazy, and its a great atmosphere to be playing in."

Oddo Adani was the club's third leading scorer with 22 goals scored, he currently has 229 career goals, and 206 of those are with the Dragons. Adani scored in the 6th minute of a 7:0 win over the pouges to give him 200 career goals just with Dallas, and he scored number 201 in the 40th minute, similar to when he scored his 200th and 201st career goals last season. Adani's 22 this season put him at ninth on the scoring charts.

"I want the fans to know that I'm still churning along," said Adani, "My contract may have only been extended two more years, but I feel I'll be playing for another five seasons at least, hopefully with the Dragons until I decide to call it quits. If all goes well, I am unabashedly yours."

"Oddo doesn't want to play anywhere else," said his wife Amy Kohl, lead singer of the alt-metal band InkBlood, "He says the fans are terrific, the players and personnel as well, and their is a culture of soccer that surrounds the team that he hasn't heard of anywhere else."

Adani, Spellacy, forward Randal Nesbitt, defender Beckan Carmichael, and manager Gael Bounds will be running a youth camp in the first and second weeks of the new season for youth players aged ten to thirteen, and for ages fourteen to seventeen in weeks three and four. The camp will be at the Dragons practice facilities and the final day will be at the newly named Dragons' Lair Field.

"We finally payed of the sponsorship from GMC, and as such we are able to name our stadium the way we like it." said team owner/GM Anders Koskinen, "We had the fans vote on the name, and the Dragons' Lair Field is what they chose. We're planning a 3,000 seat expansion, but we'll be hosting these youth camps first. It's a great way for the players and the fans to connect, as well as helping to foster soccer culture and talent in Dallas."

"I'm really glad to be helping these kids out," said Nesbitt, "The fans are great, and this a very nice way to give back to all our supporters out there. Who knows, we might even end up playing with some of these kids in a few years."

Nesbitt scored 20 goals this season, and the Dragons career scoring leader and fan favorite currently sits atop 238 career scores. His 20 goals put him at 13th on the scoring charts. The 30 year-old Irishman is entering the final year of his current contract and is looking to continue playing for the Dragons. The thirteen year veteran has stated that he wants a four year contract, but that his current $165,000 a year salary is fine by him.

"I'm not looking to make a ton of money from my salary," said Nesbitt, "I get a large part of my merchandising revenue (around 35%) and that makes me about the same as, if not more then my salary. I just want to know that I'm still appreciated by the management here. I'm willing to make a lot of concessions to stay here, but I will not switch to a the midfield like Charles did. I have all the respect in the world for Charles' sacrifice there to help the team, but its just something I can't see myself doing. I'm going to remain a starting forward, and I want the Dragons to respect that and me. I know the fans do, and I'm certain Mr. Koskinen does, I just want the proof on the paper. I don't want to play anywhere besides Dallas, and I feel the four year deal will cement my place here."

Back up forward Kenneth Ray on the other hand, is glad to still be playing. This year's championship however does present him with a bit of a conundrum.

"I've run out of fingers." said Ray, "Now what?"

Ray earned ten rings with ASU Venom in his ten years with the Italian club, and now he's earned his eleventh ring with the Dragons, and his first non-Italian ring. While Venom did earn a ring last season after they sold him to the Dragons, this year the tables flipped. Venom's streak of consecutive Italian league championships came to an end at 14, and the Dragons won they're fifth American league championship. A 35 year-old American forward, Ray scored 12 goals in 23 games last season with the Dragons, and 12 in seventeen this year to put him at career totals of 198 goals in 314 games. Luckily for Ray the Dragons extended his contract so he will play in season 17 with the club, his fifteenth total, and his third with Dallas. He is all but a lock to break the 200 goal mark this season.

"I don't think I'd be able to pick my self up and find another club this next season if the Dragons had let me go," said Ray, "I'd probably just retire home to my wife and kids, happy to be doing so, but kicking myself for not reaching that milestone I was so close to."

Goalkeeper Tubrady Reidy continued to add to his career saves record with Dallas. The 30 year-old Irish ten year veteran played in 30 games, made 91 saves, and allowed only 29 goals, and went 25-4-1. His 91 saves bring him up to 966 on his career, and that coupled with his third ring should finally once and for all bring him out from under the shadow of his non-immediate predecessor Edgardo Jackson.

"I hope that anyone who still was bitter over what happened with Edgardo isn't anymore," said Reidy flashing his three championship rings, "At this point, and for several years now, it really has become something that is a pointless argument and a point of riot for trolls on forums. Let's all focus on what matters, the team as a whole, and let's go get another of these beauties."

Reidy's backups Jaelin Campbell and Honoratu Arnau went a combined 8-0-0 allowing 2 goals and making 22 saves. Campbell went 7-0-0 solo with 22 saves and 2 allowed. Arnau's contract expires once the season rolls over to the new one, and it is unlikely the Dragons will attempt to re-sign the young Argentinian, instead relying on the 25 year-old Green Bay native Campbell.

A List of the Players and their rings:

We sat down with Anders Koskinen and talked about those players and other personnel whose contracts are expiring or which will be following this upcoming season. We have a quote from him on every player who fits those categories.

Honoratu Arnau (contract is expiring) - "We'll be letting Honoratu go outright, we won't be replacing him unless we find an absolutely killer prospect to develop under Tubrady and Jaelin."

Keenan Tolbert (contract is expiring) - "We won't be looking to re-sign Keenan, unless we can't find a suitable younger back up midfielder to replace him. If we can't and he doesn't retire, we'll sign him to a one year deal."

Zambrotta Raggio (contract will expire) - "I'm thinking that these negotiations will be tough. Zambrotta wants a large increase in pay, and that may mean that we'll sign him to a shorter term deal then we would have liked. He's a good player, but I think his agent has gotten Zambrotta to over value himself based on the market demand for talented defenders. We've got a trump card though. If we can't reach an agreement, we've got Javeon Quirola, a younger player, who's nearly as good as Zambrotta, and who has started for us in the past."

Tubrady Reidy (contract will expire) - "Obviously we'll re-sign Tubrady. I think we can come to a four year deal fairly easily, seeing as I don't think he wants anymore cash then the $550,000 he's already making."

Randal Nesbitt (contract will expire) - "We will certainly re-sign Randal, he's a fan favorite, a class act, a brilliant player, and we certainly don't want him playing for anyone else. I'm not sure about a four year deal like he wants, but I can certainly see a three year deal with a raise in salary."

Kenneth Ray (contract will expire) - "We'll see how the season goes, Kenneth is going to be 36 this season after all. I think he'll want to retire after this season anyways, seeing as he's all but sure to break the 200 goal mark. If he has another good year and wants to keep playing, maybe we'll give him a one year extension."

Bohan Batson (contract will expire) - "We'll be seeing how he develops over this next season before we do anything to his contract."

Giuliano Pazzini (contract will expire) - "Same deal as with Bohan. If he continues to improve, we'll continue his stay in Dallas."

Charles Dunkin (contract will expire) - "Charles' speedy adaptation to the midfield has shown how much of a team player he is. He's still scoring from the midfield, and he's really shown his dedication to the team and this city. We'll be looking to sign him to a three year contract with about a $10,000 raise in salary."

Trevon Noonan (contract will expire) - "This is a delicate matter, as Trevon's contract is so expensive. I'm sure enough of our finances however, that I can see us signing him to a new three year deal."

Mariano Villalpando (contract will expire) - "I'm really not sure what we'll end up doing with Mariano. He's a decent enough back up, but he hasn't really improved that much. He is a really hard worker though, and that rubs off on his teammates, so we'll see were the season takes us with him."

Gael Bounds (Manager) (contract is expiring) - "We meant to re-sign Gael during the season. It was an oversight on our part. One of our new employees never sent us his correspondence, and when I saw him and he asked about it I always told him to call and make an appointment and we'd get a new deal sorted out for him. Those messages were never forwarded to me, and as such I wasn't in at the time. That employee has been let go. Thankfully Gael has been very understanding and I'll be flying out to Boston to meet him at his home and work out a new contract with him, a long one hopefully. After all, we've gotten two championships with him and he's gotten us a record of 170-33-25, and except for the first five seasons he was our manager he was the only coach of any kind we had. So yes, we're going to re-sign him, and Gael will very much be at an advantage at the negotiating table."

James Rivera (Radio Announcer) (contract is expiring) - "James has been asking for far to much money, and frankly he was over paid to start with. We're sad to see him go, but sometimes these things happen. We're already looking for a replacement."

Tonio Mansilla (contract will expire) - "I think we will end up letting Tonio go, he hasn't made much progress, and I and the rest of the staff are getting increasingly frustrated with how his personal life is affecting his career. It's one of the few times I've really seen Gael (Bounds) get angry."

We checked it out and it turns out Tonio Mansilla has been spending more time with his girlfriend, graphic design artist Eva Kelly, then he has been on the training pitch. His teammates are furious with him, and the fans were none to pleased when we told them and asked their opinion on the matter.

"I dunna care who he goes around with," said Timothy O'Grady owner of the Green Dragon Irish Pub, which recently became the official pub of the Dallas Dragons, "I just know he should be on the pitch getting ready, not off with some tart. His attitude won't be helpin' anyone else on the team focus either, that's for sure."

"He's consistently late, he misses practice all together sometimes," said Randal Nesbitt, "One time we were about to board our plane to Lexington to play the Lions, when we realized that he wasn't with us. Well we couldn't stop the plane, we weren't the only ones taking it after all. So Trumble had to stay and wait for him and catch the next plane."

"I was there for five hours waiting for him," said Rummell, "We almost missed the next flight out."

Now for the Dragons season awards:

Irish midfielder Regan Spellacy won both the MVP and the Most Improved awards this season. It is the second time he has won the former and the first time he has won the later. With his 30 goals this season being a new club record for goals by a midfielder, as well as a world record for a pure midfielder, that would be enough. Spellacy also has a magnificent playmaker aspect to him, which helped the team to a record 165 goals scored this season. Spellacy also scored 15 more goals then he did last season, which along with his increased playmaker role, won him the Most Improved award as well.

The 12th Man award went to Kenneth Ray this season. The 35 year old American forward scored 12 goals in 17 games this season to claim the award, and putting him only two away from breaking the 200 goal mark. He will be the third Dragon to have reached this achievement.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bohan Batson Signs Two Year Deal With Dallas

19 year-old Irish defender Bohan Batson signed with the Dragons recently. Batson received a $500 signing bonus and will earn $32,000 a year for the next two seasons. Dragons higher-ups have stated that this is a developmental contract (meaning they will see how Batson progresses, and that he will see limited playing time). In his rookie season with Ireland Pubs last season Batson played in 37 out of 38 games and picked up 32 fouls and five yellow cards.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adani, Spellacy, and McAuliffe Re-Sign

Star forward Oddo Adani and star midfielders Regan Spellacy and Grellan McAuliffe signed extensions with the Dallas Dragons today. Adani and McAuliffe are new signed with the club through season 18, and Spellacy is signed through season 19.

Oddo Adani is the Dragons second all time leading scorer and is one of only two players who have played with the Dragons to have reached the 200 goal mark. The 32 year-old Syracuse, Italy native has 207 career goals, of which 184 have come with the Dragons and the other 23 came with Clay Cougars FC of Alabama USA. Adani would have remained in Alabama if the club had not overstretched itself financially and had to terminate his contract there. Adani holds the Dragons records for 20 goal seasons, consecutive 20 goal season, as well as single season records for goals (34 in season 14), and shots on goal (84 in season 10), a record he shares with Randal Nesbitt. Adani has won two championships with the Dragons, the first in season nine, and the second in season twelve. Adani will continue to make $580,000 a season for this season and the next two.

29 year-old Regan Spellacy played five seasons in his native Ireland with the Royal Pythons. He scored 49 goals with the Pythons before the Dragons bought out his contract for $1,462,000. In his three seasons with the Dragons since then and has scored 57 goals with the club and has become only the second midfielder to play with the Dragons who has scored 100 or more goals in his career. The last was Kealan Ferrell who played with the Dragons from season four to season twelve and scored 113 goals, all with Dallas. Spellacy also holds the Dragons' record for most goals in a season by a midfielder, with 23 in season 13. His new contract is for four years (including this upcoming season) and earns him $655,000 a season.

Grellan McAuliffe played four-and-a-half seasons with Irish FC before being transferred to the Dragons at the cost of $1 million. He had scored 17 goals with Irish FC, and in his four-and-a-half seasons with Dallas he has scored 55 goals, including 20 goals in season 13. He won a season 7 Irish league championship ring in his rookie season with Irish FC, as well as a season 12 American league championship ring in his full first season with Dallas. The 30 year-old McAuliffe will continue to make $1 million a year until season 18.

Trumble Rummell Signs Coaching Contract with Dallas

Today terms of a new deal were finalized with long time Dragons midfielder Trumble Rummell. Rummell sustained a career ending ankle injury in a 4:2 win at the recently disbanded Real United FC. Rummell's career was ten seasons long, and he played all ten with the Dragons, Rummell was a starter for eight of them (if you count the last season which was cut short after he'd played in 14 games). Rummell scored 45 goals in 223 games over those ten seasons, and due to low stamina never played in more then 27 games in a season. Rummell was booked an average of once a season, and was never thrown out of a match, and though he was a low scorer, he recorded an invaluable amount of assists for the Dragons.

Rummell wil be the coach for the midfield position coach for the Dragons for at least the next three seasons. The total value of the contract is $1.1 million. Rummell will receive $350,000 a season and a $50,000 signing bonus. The Duluth, Minnesota native will return to Dallas tomorrow to begin his new job.

"I'm very glad that Mr. Koskinen saw fit to bring me back in this capacity," said Rummell, "I'll be very pleased to help the development of my former teammates and any new talent in the midfield that will make up the team in the future."

"We're very pleased to bring Trumble back to the team," said Anders Koskinen, "It's not an ideal situation since we would very much like him to still be playing with us."

"You can be sure that if Ulick Navin ends up any where in the US we'll be sure to make him remember what he did to Trumble," said forward Randal Nesbitt, "We'll show him you can't get away with stuff like the s**t he pulled."

The fans have welcomed Rummell back enthusiastically and are optimistic that the midfield will be brilliant in the years to come.